Unification of Humanity Starts With A Desire to Spread Positivity and Love

Make a conscious effort to recognize similarities in others. For example, if you are sitting in a park, look at others and find something you have in common with them.

Force yourself to see things in a positive manner. For example, instead of getting frustrated because a child is screaming in a public venue, focus on the love and innocence a child has. Focus on the comfort the parents provide to assistance their distressed child.

Compliment strangers. For example, if you are checking out at a store, find something to compliment the cashier or other customers about.

When something brings you happiness, consciously acknowledge your gratitude for the joy you experience.

Start to transform initial negative reactions into positive emotions: view a delay during your commute as a way to enjoy more songs on the stereo.

Engage in charity. For example, if you feel compassion towards the poor, volunteer at the food bank. If possible, donate food. Devote your time to things that bring positivity and healing to others.

Start focusing on that which unifies people instead of that which separates people.

Believe that you can overcome adversity.

Detach from the tangible. Do not view items, products, or services as a method to obtain happiness and satisfaction. Does having a nicer car, smartphone, or electronics truly make you happier? Limit your indulgences of temporary solutions for dissatisfaction. If you are lonely, instead of using social media, take a walk or go outside and interact with people. You don’t need to have friends to socialize. Feeling connected with others requires a physical presence.

Consider what your goals in this lifetime are outside of milestones like “finding a stable career” or “paying off debt.” Happiness does not come from a dream career or positive asset-debt ratio. It comes from meaningful experiences, typically with others. Sustaining yourself does not require submitting to the standard 9-5. Find ways to use your passions and interests to pay for your necessities.

The higher things in life bring satisfaction and completeness. When looking at others, never envy the material in which they have obtained. Value those who feel the way you want to feel. Admire those with true happiness and love.

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