June 20, 2024

Delta Strain has 0% Fatality Rate for Those Under 50 (205,549 cases), Higher Percentage of Fully Vaccinated (0.78%) vs Unvaccinated (0.14%) Die from Delta

Updated data from Public Health England confirms that:

  • Delta has a 0% fatality rate among those under 50 (205,549 total cases, page 14)
  • A higher percentage of individuals double vaccinated died from Delta (0.78%) than those who receieved one vaccine dose (0.12%) or who weren’t vaccinated at all (0.14%) (page 18-19)
  • 1.6% of Delta cases resulted in overnight hospitalization (3,692/229,218, page 18)
  • 58% of overnight hospitalizations involved unvaccinated individuals
Page 14
Delta Variant is the dominant COVID-19 strain in England

England’s Yellow Card vaccine reporting data shows a total of 460 deaths reported for the Phizer mRNA COVID-19 vaccine (256,005 total reported adverse reactions) and 999 deaths reported (794,545 total reported adverse reactions) for the COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine:

VAERS, a reporting database used in the United States to track and monitor adverse reactions to vaccines, had over 10,000 reports of death associated with COVID-19 vaccines (as of 7/9/21):


The Delta strain is the dominant COVID-19 strain in the United States.

With Delta strain having a fatality rate of 0% among those under 50 (and a hospitalization rate of 1.6% according to data from Public Health England), and the effectiveness of the Phizer vaccine being as low as 39% in preventing Delta (according to the Israel Ministry of Health), the benefits of vaccinating are questionable at best (especially among those under 50).

Public Health England has yet to calculate a fatality rate above 0% for the Delta strain among those under 50. With hospitalization rates below 2%, the risks posed by the Delta strain appear minimal. Despite the data, the CDC continues to recommend vaccines for children 12 and older:


The reported deaths from COVID-19 vaccines on July 19, 2021 was 6,079:


CDC updated the total number of deaths reported from COVID-19 vaccines on 7/20/21 to 12,313 (an increase of 6,234, data is updated weekly):


Interestingly, the reported deaths on the CDC website was changed to 6,207 as of 7/22/21: