May 30, 2024

Protesters Burn Korans in Denmark and Sweden. One Protester Supports Banning the Koran.

There have been incidents in Denmark and Sweden this year in which protesters have burned Korans.

Danske Patrioter, a nationalist and anti-Islamic group, has staged regular protests where they burn the Koran and commit similar acts of religious hatred in Denmark the last few weeks. The group livestreams the protests on their Facebook page:

The Danish Patriots post videos on YouTube:

The group is also on Twitter, where they share low-quality Simpsons memes and acts of religious hatred:

On June 29, protesters stormed the Swedish embassy in Iraq after Sweden allowed the Koran to be burned during a “protest”:

On July 20, Iraqi protesters attacked the Swedish embassy in Baghdad in response to a Koran burning in Sweden:

On July 22, protesters in Denmark burned the Koran and Iraq flag:

Danish Patriots burned an Iraqi flag and Koran on July 24:

On July 31st, the Danish Patriots burned a Koran while one member wore a rainbow scarf:

Iran has accused a protester (Safwan Momika) who burned a Koran in Sweden of working for the Israeli Mossad:

Protesters claim free speech protects the right to publicly burn the Koran.

One week ago, a Koran and Iraqi flag were burned in front of the Iraq embassy in Denmark:

Protesters have reportedly burned Korans in Denmark for 3 days straight. The video below is from August, 2, 2023:

On August 2nd, 2023 in Sweden, someone with a Coca-Cola hat burned a Koran:

One of the individuals burning the Koran, Safwan Momika, wants the Koran banned:

CNN added “context” to the Islamaphobic act, claiming one of the participants Iran accused of working with Israeli intelligence (Momika) was a “Christian” while adding that Denmark and Sweden denounced the acts of religious hatred. CNN thus attempted to separate the NATO-aligned Nordic nations from the acts of hatred while associating Christianity with an individual wanting to ban the Koran (Momika).

CNN made sure to point out that the Koran burnings were committed by individuals or by a small group of nationalists as a means to minimize the responsibility of the Danish and Swedish government. CNN stated a Swedish appeals court allowed Momika to burn the Koran after police initially refused to issue Momika a permit. CNN attempted to downlpay the act of religious hatred and quickly found a way to blame Russia, as the outlet ended the article by mentioning that Russia may “exploit” the Koran burnings in the diplomatic arena. Thus, it seems CNN and other corporate outlets will seek to whitewash acts of religious hatred and associate condemnations of the behavior with benefiting Russia diplomatically (and thus being “Pro-Russian”). The future of the EU and liberal democracy increasingly seems to embrace any and all actions so long as those actions attack a group those in power hate.

Denmark, Sweden, the EU, and NATO-allied countries are demonstrating their hatred of Abrahamic religions while hypocritically defending the actions as protected free speech. The EU and NATO countries have demonstrated how quickly they will infringe on free speech if the target of the speech is a group or cause they support. Therefore the idea CNN actually supports free speech when it criticizes or challenges their preferred narrative is absurd.

Who benefits from committing acts of religious hatred? It’s common sense that burning a Holy Book would cause hatred. The non-existent crowds indicate the participants are a fringe minority. The outcome is further severing Europe and NATO-allied countries from the 1.8 billion global Muslim population. Allowing the Koran to be burned sets the precedent for groups to burn the Holy Books of other religions. The liberal New World Order increasingly exposes itself to be one in which freedom from any reminder that God exists is the only virtue.