July 23, 2024

Hamas Launch Deadly Operation Al-Asqa Flood. Over 700 Israelis Have Perished as Hamas Captures Israeli Military Sites


The Hamas announced the launch of operation Al Asqa Flood on October 7, 2023:


Hamas released a statement about the operation:


Three days earlier, Hamas condemned attacks on Christian pilgrims:


A map of Israel’s border since1946:

In a video summarizing Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, Hamas militants use paragliders to infiltrate Israel. The video shows Hamas forces using aerial and land vehicles to engage in a multi-pronged offensive with small groups of armed militants attacking Israeli military outposts and Israeli settlements.

Hamas Marines reportedly used boats to participate in Operation Al-Aqsa Flood:


Hamas reportedly used suicide drones:

A video from Hamas media purporting to show the Al-Qassam Brigades crossing the front line of Israel’s defense and storming Israeli military positions:

Hamas media shared footage of Hamas fighters storming settlements around Gaza:

Hamas claimed to have killed an Israeli communications commander:

Pro Hamas sources posted videos of capturing Israeli civilians. The AP confirmed Hamas took Israeli hostages:

Hamas militants fought an Israeli police chief:

Hamas fighters with several deceased Israeli soldiers:

Hamas took female Israeli hostages:

Hamas media shred footage of killed Israeli soldiers:

Israeli casulties:

An Israeli soldier was reportedly killed after hiding in a bathroom:

A Jewish temple damaged in Ashkelon:

A Hamas shooter kills an Israeli:

An Israeli tank headed towards Gaza:

A Patriot missile reportedly fired towards Galilee:

Israeli tanks headed towards Galilee:

Damage to home owned by the Bashir family caused by an Israeli sttike in Gaza:

Hamas stormd an Israeli military site in Erez:

Purported footage of Israeli casualties:


The Telegraph reports Hamas fighters used paragliders to infiltrate Israel:

Hamas fighters entering Israel during Operation Al-Asqa Flood:

Damage by strikes in Tel Aviv (via Heil Ukraine):

Footage of Hamas strike in Tel Aviv by Hamas:

Damage from Hamas attacks in Tel Aviv:


Footage of Israeli strike in Sheikh Zayed Square, North Gaza:

Destruction in Ra’im settlement:

Clashes between Palestinian resistance fighters at the police headquarters in Sderot:

Israeli forces storming Beit Ummar, north of Hebron:

Photos from pro Hamas channels showing Israeli casualties and damage from Hamas strikes:

Footage shows retaliation strikes by Israel in Gaza:

Israeli forces detain motionless man:

Intel Republic reports Israel detained Palestinians:

Israeli forces reportedly stripped detained Palestinians:


Israeli strikes on Gaza residential areas:

Hamas killed dozens of Israelis attending an a “nature party”/music festival:

Another video of Hamas attacking attendees of a nature party/music festival:

Jewish News Syndicate reports the event was a “nature party:”


NBC reported the event was a music festival where people danced to trance music under a giant Buddha statute:

Business Insider claimed the event was both a music festival and religious:


AP timeline of the events:


A timeline of the Hamas attack by The Times of Israel:

Al Jazeera reported that 413 Palestinians and over 700 Israeli’s have died during Operation Al-Aqsa Flood:


Reactions Around the Globe

Iran called Operation Al-Asqa Flood self defense:


The Taliban reportedly claimed they would capture Jerusalem if allowed access to Israel:


China mocked the lack of preparation by Israel:

Biden, Trump, and Lloyd Austin condemned the Hamas military attack:


Zelensky and Ukraine denounced the Hamas military campaign:


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