April 19, 2024

Italy: Massive Protests and Dockworker Strikes Erupt as Citizens Protest Vaccine Passport Mandates

ROME (AP) — Protests erupted in Italy on Friday as one of the most stringent anti-coronavirus measures in Europe went into effect, requiring all workers, from magistrates to maids, to show a health pass to get into their place of employment.

Police were out in force, some schools ended classes early and embassies issued warnings of possible violence amid concerns that the anti-vaccination demonstrations could turn violent, as they did in Rome last weekend.

But by day’s end, the protests appeared to have been largely peaceful, including one at Rome’s central Circus Maximus where some protesters gave police officers flowers in a sign they meant no harm.


Protests have included massive strikes, including among port and dock workers in Trieste and Genoa.

Scenes from protests in Rome and other parts of Italy on October 15, 2021:

Protesters attack building in Italy:

Massive Port and Dock Worker Strikes

Port workers rally to strike in response to mandatory vaccine passports for all workers:

Massive strike among dockworkers in Trieste, Italy. Citizens delivered food and supplies to show support for the strike:

Dockworkers in Genoa went on strike in protest of vaccine passport mandates:

Cities dependent on the Trieste Port (which is being blocked by protesters):

University students in Milan joined the nationwide protests and strikes:

Milan, Italy:

Lucca, Italy protest:

Trento, Italy:

Bolzano, Italy: