May 30, 2024

Unhinged Radicals Call for Mass Violence Against Freedom Convoy and Children, Use Reddit and Twitter to Distribute Private Information Obtained by Hackers to Illegally Dox GiveSendGo Donors. Counter-Protesters Use Threats to Force a Man to Remove Freedom Convoy Sticker and Canadian Flag from Car.

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On February 13, 2022, news broke that hackers attacked the Christain crowdfunding website GiveSendGo, stealing the private information of all donors of the Freedom Convoy campaign. DDoSecret shared a link on Telegram on February 10th, 2022 with data from the GiveSendGo data breach:

DDoSecrets released hacked data from GiveSendGo to dox donors last year:

DDoSecrets claimed to use an Amazon-hosted S3 bucket to access and release the private information of GiveSendGo donors:

A twitter user claimed the Freedom Convoy GiveSendGo hack utilized an Amazon exploit:

DDoSecrets claimed responsibility for doxing donors to Kyle Rittenhouse (who was found not guilty at trial):

Hackers allegedly changed GiveSendGo’s website host from GoDaddy to Namecheap. This allowed the hackers to change GiveSendGo’s website and DNS settings. AWS’s S3 bucket is set to private by default. That means the user must make the files public for the data to be visible by the public. Ergo, hackers likely engaged in a DNS hijacking attempt to change the AWS S3 bucket settings to public or to download the files. The private information obtained from GiveSendGo was then circulated to the public on platforms like Reddit and Twitter:

Redditors and Twitter Users Encourage Mass Violence Against the Freedom Convoy

Prior to the hack, there were numerous calls for mass violence against Freedom Convoy protesters on the weekend of February 12t. The comments proliferated on the Ottawa subreddit, with members expressing outrage because police did not arrest protesters. Redditors called for tear gas and rubber bullets to be used on kids and protesters alike:

Despite calls by counter-protesters for violence against children at the Freedom Convy, the counter-protesters brought their children to their demonstration opposing the “Ottawa Occupation:

Counter-protesters staged “Tank Man” pictures while cheering on the use of tanks against the Freedom Convoy:

Counter-protesters were infuriated that the Freedom Convoy was having parties in the street, which included hot tubs and a music stage:

Counter-protesters marched during a rally against the Freedom Convoy, using interesting signs like “I Stand with the 90%” and “They Woke Us Up:”

Counter-protesters flew communist flags:

By February 13th, radicals began using violent and aggressive tactics to harass Freedom Convoy members. In this video, posted on Twitter by user @DonNadon9, a group of masked individuals forces a Freedom Convoy member to remove a sticker from his windshield and the Canadian flag from his vehicle:

Unfortunately, violence has been directed at the Freedom Convoy:

This video shows a motorist hitting a pedestrian at the Ambassador Bridge (where the Freedom Convoy is protesting against mandates):

Police tackled an unarmed protester at the Ambassador Bridge on February 13th, 2022:

Officers in military gear arrested multiple protesters:

GiveSendGo Hack

Anonymous and DDoSecrets both shared data obtained from the GiveSendGo breach.

On February 10th, 2022, the same date DDoSecrets shared a link to the hacked data, reddit user u/PDanielY created an “Ask Me Anything” thread, claiming to belong to the Anonymous hacking group:

Multiple reddit users circulated the private information obtained by the hackers in a Convoy thread on the Ottawa subreddit. Doxing and sharing private data obtained from a hack are against Reddit’s terms and conditions.

Multiple Twitter accounts shared personal data obtained from the hack, which violates Twitter’s rules. One of the accounts used to dox Freedom Convoy donors was NorthBayAntifa:

Reddit user AngryCrank, an organizer of Freedom Convoy counter-protests, bragged about how Antifa would “make short work of these chucklef***s:”

The user works for a union and negotiates essential contracts and argues that the Freedom Convoy is not peaceful nor a true labor movement:

Angrycrank uses the term “RamRanch” on reddit, which was in the hashtag used by the North Bay Antifa Twitter account that leaked the private data of Freedom Convoy donors:

A far-left Twitter user explained how the hackers obtained the data:

Links to archived tweets, reddit posts, reddit threads, and evidence of illegal doxing used in their article:

Keep Rollin

The Freedom Convoy continues to hold the line. Below are clips from the Freedom Convoy and vaccine mandate protests across the world (with music):