Claims of Human Rights Violations in Ukraine

The following includes graphic and disturbing images, videos, and allegations. These allegations have not been independently verified or confirmed. However, these claims, if true, demonstrate human rights crimes which should take precedence over politics. Humanitarian concerns should always be more important than politics.

2016 UN report by the High Commissioner for Human Rights about the humanitarian crisis in Donbass and Eastern Ukraine:

Video allegedly are members of Azov Battalion crucifying an ethnic Russian in Ukraine

The Times of Israel confirmed Ukranian civilian defense militia murdered an Israeli citizens during an ambush (video here). The victim “was shot dead on Monday when he was misidentified after a photograph circulated in Ukraine showing Chechen fighters in a black Porsche, similar to her partner’s vehicle.”

Church parishioner claims members of the Aziv Battalion/Right Sector assaulted parishioners, the priest, and robbed the church:

Ukranian civilian militia members and/or Ukranian soldiers in what looks like a school gym (civilian building):

Ukraine soldiers/civilian militia inside school
Ukrainian soldiers/civilian militia allegedly at a Ukranian school

Video of an allegedly captured Ukranian military or militia member with nationalist tattoos.

Previous article discussing the Azov Battalion and western support of Ukranian Nazi groups.

Documentary outlining the growth of Nazism in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis in Donbass:

Photos of destruction in Donbass from 2014 until 2018, showing children in basement bomb shelters and destroyed Orthodox churches:

Oliver Stone’s Ukraine on Fire movie, which discussions the Ukranian nationalists ties to Nazis and genocide:

Civil Unrest Leading to Additional Human Rights Abuses in Ukraine

Abuses against civilians by militants, mobs, and military personnel in Ukraine have continued following the February 24th, 2022 invasion/military exercise:

The Twitter account that shared the content above has been suspended by Twitter.

Mobs, some of which included individuals wearing Ukranian military uniforms, also beat civilians tied to poles and trees:

Armed militant groups also held hostages:

The videos and photos were archived via Way Back Machine.

Ukrainian soldiers have tortured and shot Russian POWs: