July 19, 2024

Ukraine: Human Trafficking, Organ Harvesting, and Missing Children.

Human trafficking and organ harvesting scandals have been ongoing since Ukraine gained independence following the collapse of the USSR. This article with create a brief and condensed timeline of human and child trafficking in Ukraine since 1995.

In 1995, multiple Ukrainian doctors were arrested for stealing and buying Ukrainian babies and selling them, illegally, to customers in foreign nations (including the United States). Sadly, this was hardly isolated in the post-USSR Ukraine, with adoption agencies tied to various controversies”

“Officials here have said about 120 children were sent from Lviv Province to the United States before Ukraine suspended foreign adoptions last July. But they have not said how many of those adoptions they regard as suspect.

Newspapers in Lviv said about 100 babies were sold to couples in other countries. One newspaper, Express, quoted sources in the Internal Affairs Ministry as saying babies had been sold for as much as $50,000. Neither the scale of the alleged baby-selling nor the prices involved could be confirmed.

Copies of records from the investigation — and the story of one Ukrainian baby taken from his mother and adopted by an Iowa couple — suggest that a network of Ukrainian health workers and bureaucrats targeted the infants of poor, single women.

Kolesnik and police investigators quoted in local newspapers said the doctors lied to women who gave birth in hospitals in the region, telling them their children had been stillborn or had suffered horrible birth defects. When the mothers insisted on seeing the children, the women were offered money to sign declarations giving up custody of them.”

Ukraine did not criminalize human trafficking until 1998:

In 2010, “lost babies and corpses without organs fueled allegations of trafficking in body parts in Ukraine” after a grave was excavated at Hospital 6 in Kharkiv:

The Evening Standard also covered allegations of Ukrainian doctors murdering babies:

The New York Times mentioned in a 1996 article that Ukraine was among the countries under suspicious for illegal adoptions and human trafficking:

In 2008, the European Council adopted recommendations after a presentation about the missing babies and organ harvesting uncovered in Kharkiv:

In 2006, “research was carried out as part of the U.S. Ukraine Research Partnership as part of an agreement between the International Center of the U.S. National Institute of Justice and the Ukrainian Academy of Legal Sciences about human trafficking in Ukraine.

Key findings included:

  • “The sexual exploitation of women in prostitution has risen sharply following the independence of Ukraine. Women in prostitution in Ukraine were interviewed. Narcotics-addicted women who stood along the highway described critical losses in their lives and the use of drugs as factors influencing their involvement in and inability to leave prostitution. Women in street prostitution in the city center described their life circumstances and the violence they were subjected to in prostitution.”

  • “Women are being recruited and trafficked from almost all regions of Ukraine. Women from different regions of Ukraine are likely to be trafficked to different destination countries. From these stem regions of Ukraine, women are trafficked mostly to the Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Germany. From the northern regions, women are most often trafficked to Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and the Netherlands. From the southern regions, women are taken to Turkey, Greece, Italy, Romania, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Syria, and Germany. From the eastern regions, women are most often taken to Russia and then on to other countries.”

  • “Approximately 70 percent of the victims were trafficked by means of sophisticated deceptions. Mostly, the women were offered work abroad as a waitress or dancer. Traffickersapproach beauty contest participants with offers of contracts for modeling abroad. “Modeling” schools were also used to train and recruit victims. Women are most frequently trafficked through travel agencies, most of which are legally registered.”

  • “Eighty percent of the traffickers are Ukrainian citizens, and about 60 percent are women. The traffickers use women who were formerly in prostitution as recruiters”

  • “According to surveys conducted by the Ukrainian researchers, two-thirds of young Ukrainian women want to go abroad. Many of them are influenced not only by the poverty and lack of opportunity at home, but by the Western lifestyles seen in the media. Many believe they will find a wealthy, attractive Westem businessman who will marry them and solve their problems.”

  • “The collapse of the Soviet Union opened up a pool of millions of women from which traffickers can recruit. Now, former Soviet republics, such as Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, and Russia, have become major sending countries for women trafficked into sex industries all over the world. In the sex industry markets today, the most popular and valuable women are from Ukraine and Russia.”

  • “In 1998, the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior estimated that 400,000 Ukrainian women were trafficked during the previous decade.”

  • ”The International Organization for Migration estimated that between 1991 and 1998,500,000 Ukrainian women had been trafficked to the West.I3 Popular destination countries for women from Ukraine include: Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Syria, China, the Netherlands, Canada and Japan.”

Prosecution of human trafficking was nearly non-existent in Ukraine in from 1996 until 2000. Despite over 550,000 instances of human trafficking annually, less than 50 resulted in criminal charges:

The full PDF:

Organ Trafficking

Ukraine is likewise mired by black markets for organs, which has been driven by dire poverty. In 2001, Ukraine doctors earned $40 per month:


The German company Tutogen’s extracts bones from corpses in Ukraine to manufacture medical products, as part of a global market worth billions that is centered in the United States:”

A criminal organization led by Israeli citizens illegally sold organs and was centered in Ukraine in 2010:


Current Issues in Ukraine

Since Russia began an offensive military campaign in Eastern Ukraine in February 2022, thousands of Ukrainian children as missing and unaccounted for. NPR estimated 1.5 million children are at risk for human trafficking, while predators have targeted refugees entering third party countries to flee warfare in Ukraine:


US-Ukraine Relations

The United States has committed $6.4 billion to Ukraine for security since 2014 (the year of Euromaidan):

The US State Department has ranked Ukraine as Tier 2 for Human Trafficking, outlining the country fell short of protecting of US and international standards since 2017:

The CIA provided extensive funding and training to Ukraine, including branches of the military with Azov Battalion Nazis, since at least 2014, while the US Department of Defense-funded Biolabs throughout Ukraine:

The American government, oligarchs, and philanthropy organizations connected to the Rockefellers, Gates, and Clintons are tied to Nazi eugenic and global depopulation agendas:

A detailed outline of how America and Isreal fund Bolshevism, Anti-Fascism, and domestic unrest globally:

A review of the bankers and private actors connected to the 9/11 terrorist attack:

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