May 24, 2024

No Farmers, No Food: Dutch Farmers Uprising in Response to Government Proposal to Close Farms to Reduce Nitrogen Emissions. Ecuador Indigenous Organize General Strike in Response to Rising Prices and Neoliberal Policies.

The Netherlands Government has proposed closing farms to reduce nitrogen oxide and ammonia 50% by 2030.

According to Al Jazeera:

“Nitrogen emissions are to be cut by more than 70 percent in areas close to nature conservation areas. According to government estimates, this could lead to the shutting down of about 30 percent of livestock farms.”

The Netherlands was the second largest exporter of agricultural products in 2020.

According to the Dutch government, meat is a primary export. Livestock farmers are specifically targeted under nitrogen oxide and ammonia reduction politicians.

Dutch agricultural exports exceeded 100 billion Euros in 2021:

Dutch Farmers Convoy, Blockades, and Strike

Dutch police struggled to move bales of hay from the roadway:

Dutch farmers formed convoys during a protest on June 22, 2022:

Farmers sprayed manure on a government office (around June 27, 2022):

Farmers blockaded the border and dumped manure on the road:

Thousands of Citizens in Eindhoven to Support the Protests of Dutch Farmers(July 4, 2022).
Group of masked men in black hoody grab man

Dutch farmers plan to implement tactics such as slow rolls to bottleneck traffic and blockades of key supply chain infrastructure, highways, and borders:

On July 5th, supermarkets and grocery stores in Holland were filled with empty shelves and limited inventory:

Dutch police opened fired on a farmer driving a tractor during a farmers protest on July 5, 2022:

Dutch police also pulled a handgun on a farmer:

Compilation of videos showing a Dutch police officer pulling a gun on farmer and a Dutch officer shooting at a tractor:

Dutch farmers have blockaded the Groningen airport on July 6th, 2022:

Farmers protested outside a police station to demand the release of a teenager detained by police:

Dutch convoys driving alomg major highway:

Farmers blockaded a distribution center:

Dutch farmers formed a blockade at the Germany-Netherlands border:

Footage of farmers convoy in Nieuwegein (July 6, 2022):

More Dutch convoy footage (on our around July 6, 2022):

Dutch drivers honk in support of the Farmers Convoy:

Farmers Convoy on highway A37:

Farmers blockade highway A37

Dutch Farmers Rebellion: Farmers Speak

Two farmers spoke at a protest and urged people to stand with them. The farmers warned of massive food shortages if there is another pandemic that restricts imports:

A Dutch farmer explained how the proposed nitrogen zero policies would cause 50% of farms to close:

Eva Vlaardingerbroek explains how farmers are standing against globalism on Tucker Carlson tonight (July 7. 2022):

Keean Bexter, editor of The Counter Signal, provided more details of the Dutch farmer’s protest on the Ingraham Angle:

German Farmers Join Protests

German farmers mobilized on July 7th, 2022, blockading highway A96, located near the Germany-Netherlands border:

German and Dutch farmers protest on Highway A7:

German farmers decide to take their tractors to join the protests:

German and Dutch farmers demonstrating together:

Italian farmers formed a small convoy in response to the inability of farmers to make ends meet:

Protests against economic conditions and government policies also occurred in Warsaw, Poland:

Dutch Farmers Convoys Continue

Farmers convoys drove through several towns in Holland, honking in solidarity with the Dutch farmers protests:

Dutch Farmers Rebellion: Farmers Demonstration in Drachten in the Netherlands (July 7, 2022)
Dutch Farmers Convoy honks on Streets of Nijmegen

Farmers used tractors to spell out “Help! No Farmers, No Food!:”

Dutch children formed a bicycle convoy to support the Dutch farmers protests:

Ecuador Indigenous Rising

An ongoing general strike organized by Indigenous Ecuadorians has continued for more than 2 weeks. Protests have erupted in response to inflation and rising fuel, energy, and living costs. Additionally, residents are facing food shortages. The strike began on June 12, 2022, and has continued as protests have escalated.

The general strike ended on July 3rd, after the government made concessions to protesters: