June 20, 2024

Australia Uprising: Highest Ranking Police Officer – Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw- Discusses Police Operation to Arrest Criminal Leaders and Politicians. Lawyer Reports Crimes by Government (70 law enforcement whistleblowers)

Freedom Rally Australia

Australian lawyer reports crimes based on 70 law enforcement whistleblowers who oppose oppressive measures enacted by the the Australian government:


Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw Discusses Arrest Warrants for Criminal Leaders

Kershaw states:

-Officers will not enforce mandatory vaccines,

-An insider within government providing information about the government’s plans (before they are enacted)

-How to utilize common law to take down the offenders and serve arrest warrants upon offending politicians/leaders

-The audio also discusses dissolving the government and how to respond to potential attempts by other nations to intervene

-Creating a team to serve arrest warrants upon corrupt and criminal politicians, and fighting the narrative crafted by criminal leaders.

Video is available on Bitchute.

Scenes from Freedom Rally and lockdown/vacione passport mandates in Australia (7-21-21-7-25-21):

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