April 23, 2024

Company Owned by Descendents of Nazi Joseph Goebbels Landed a £250,000 Vaccine Passport Contract from English Government

Entrust, which provides digital security and identification credentials services, is owned by the Quandt family. The Quandt family bought DataCard in 1987. Datacard acquired Entrust in 2013:

“Datacard bought Dallas-based Entrust with its 400 employees in 2013. Two years later, it renamed the merged company Entrust Datacard and moved into a new 375,000-square-foot space in Shakopee.

At the time, the $650 million company, which is owned by Germany’s reclusive Quandt family of BMW fame, set bold plans to become a $1 billion company by 2020 by creating the next generation of technology that secures credit cards and online data.

Entrust Datacard’s growth plans were aided by a swell of data breaches across the retail industry starting in 2013. Hackers accessed the customer data of a host of companies including Target, Neiman Marcus, Sears, Home Depot and JPMorgan Chase. Cybersecurity remains a key concern of corporations today.”

The Quandt family are descendants of Nazi Joseph Goebbels, who was the Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany:

Goebbels produced propaganda for a regime that embraced eugenics and racial purity to justify “murder in the Nazis’ campaign to cleanse German society of individuals viewed as threats to the “health” of the nation:


Entrust Receives COVID Passport Contract from English Government

Entrust signed a 12-month contract with the England government to provide “COVID passport technology.”

Entrust received “£250,000 to provide cloud computing software for the Covid-status certification scheme run by NHSX — the Government’s digital health unit.”