May 24, 2024

The Director on the National Institute of Drug Abuse is Leon Trotsky’s Great Granddaughter. Trotsky Founded the Genocidal Red Army. NIDA’s Parent Organization is the NIH (Dr. Fauci is the Director)


Meet Dr. Nora Volkow, the Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. She is the great-granddaughter of Leon Trotsky believes science and politics is intertwined:

She is the proud great-granddaughter of Leon Trotsky. Trotsky was the architect of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917. Trotsky founded the Red Army, which was responsible for genocide and crimes against humanity. Trotsky played a key and central role in the Russian Revolution. Trotsky assisted one of the most murderous regimes in world history to obtain power and wage a campaign of terror against Russians:

Trotsky opening welcomed tactics of mass murder, terrorism, and propaganda. Dr. Volkov claiming science and politics is intertwined is concerning considering the Bolshevik-Communist regime of the USSR committed genocide to compel submission to its God-less ideology. In the United States, science is typically used as a shield and sword against faith and religion, offering cures and alleviation of suffering of the temporary world while promising to create a “Heaven” on Earth.

The Red Army was the violent force that helped protect the Bolshevik empire erected under Lenin and Stalin. Trotsky was never prosecuted for his crimes against humanity and aiding a genocidal regime:

Vladimir Lenin erected Gulags, murdered opposition, enforced slave labor, and killed an unknown number of innocent civilians to erect the Bolshevik USSR through a campaign of terrorism and genocide:

Bolshevik Communist Genocide

The “Russian” Revolution was the result of a nefarious conspiracy by communists to brutally and violently take control of the Russian empire. In the early years of the Russian Revolution, Bolsheviks brutally murdered Tsar Nicholas II, his wife, and his children, the Checka ruthlessly tortured and murdered dissidents, the Holodomor lead to the starvation of at least 6 million civilians in Ukraine, and Gulags were erected to incarcerate dissidents, religious individuals, liberals, and ethnic groups.

Lenin’s Red Terror in 1917 mobilized the Cheka (predecessor to the KGB). The Cheka and the Red Terror claimed between 10,000 and 1.3 million victims.

The total death count of all of Stalin’s victims is unknown. What is known is tens of millions were imprisoned, tortured, and murdered:

“Medevedev’s grim bookkeeping included the following tragic episodes: 1 million imprisoned or exiled between 1927 to 1929; 9 to 11 million peasants forced off their lands and another 2  to 3 million peasants arrested or exiled in the mass collectivization program; 6 to 7 million killed by an artificial famine in 1932-1934; 1 million exiled from Moscow and Leningrad in 1935; 1 million executed during the ”Great Terror” of 1937-1938; 4 to 6 million dispatched to forced labor camps; 10 to 12 million people forcibly relocated during World War II; and at least 1 million arrested for various “political crimes” from 1946 to 1953.

Although not everyone who was swept up in the aforementioned events died from unnatural causes, Medvedev’s 20 million non-combatant deaths estimate is likely a conservative guess.

Indeed, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the literary giant who wrote harrowingly about the Soviet gulag system, claimed the true number of Stalin’s victims might have been as high as 60 million.

The USSR committed genocide against the Polish people, killing at least 85,000 Poles between 1938 and 1939:

From the University of Minnesota’s Holocaust and Genocide Education website:

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