June 20, 2024

Gonzalo Lira, an American and Chilean Citizen and Journalist, has Fled Ukraine and Plans to Ask for Asylum in Hungary. Lira Shares his Charging Documents, Faces 5-8 years in a Labor Camp.

Journalist Gonzalo Lira, a citizen of Chile and Ukraine, has been released from prison and announced on Twitter that he planned to ask for political asylum in Hungary. Lira shared English versions of the charging documents leading to his incarceration. Lira shared YouTube videos that “justified or denied Russian aggression,” and “claimed there was a civil war in Ukraine, which are crimes in Ukraine. Lira denied the allegations.

Lira posted a series of Tweets when he arrived at the Hungary-Ukraine border. Lira claimed he was tortured in prison and that Ukrainian authorities stole $100,000 worth of cash and possessions from Lira.

Gonzalo posted several videos on his YouTube explaining why he was fleeing Ukraine:

Lira posted the videos on one of his YouTube channels (which may end up deleted):