May 30, 2024

UOC Transfiguration Cathedral Damaged During Shelling. Ukrainian Air Defense May Be Responsible for the Damage.

The UOC Transfiguration Cathedral in Odessa sustained significant structural damage during missile strikes by Russia and air defense strikes by Ukraine.

Western media and Zelenksy have claimed the damage was caused by a Russian X-22 missile. Considering the damage done by Russian strikes, the UOC cathedral fared better than most Russian targets and showed shrapnel damage consistent with Ukrainian air defense.

Footage of a missile strike in Odessa on July 22:

Footage of an air defense missile hitting a civilian building in Odessa on July 22:

Footage of the damage to the UOC cathedral:

Photos of the damage:

Footage of people harassing believers cleaning up the dance. A provocateur claims the church was damaged because the pray to “the Russian world” and therefore are “destroying Ukraine.”

Internet personality, blog writer, and regular Twitter user Anne Applebaum, along with other sadists, were quick to amplify the “Russia destroys UOC temple: narrative after ignoring years of Ukraine attacking and persecuting the UOC and its members. Not a word from Anne about Met. Pavel, an elderly monk with diabetes, being incarcerated in violation of UN Charter rights. But Anne will bring up the UOC to use as fuel to promote hatred of Russia. (Russia denied claims they were responsible for the strike). Ignoring SBU raids of UOC monasteries and parishes and raids by armed schismatics and ultra-nationalists makes it clear people like Anne and the corporate media empire exploit suffering to empower enmity and hatred. Notice how Anne retweets a well-known extremist propagandist outlet that promoted violent insurrection and an overthrow of a democratic government:

Icons survived the attack and believers quickly began cleaning up and continuing services:

Various opinions about the responsible party for the strike:

From the UOJ:

Wikipedia page for the parish was quickly updated by Ukrianian media:

The western media quickly circulated very similar headlines about Russian strikes damaging the UOC Transfiguration Cathedral in Odessa. These articles did not mention the group of provocateurs who harassed Ukrianian Christians cleaning up the damage. Many of these outlets have denied or justified persecution of the UOC. The obvious question being why do these outlets suddenly care about the UOC? Because it presumably benefits the “Putin/Russia evil” narrative.