June 20, 2024

Wikileaks Cables and The Order of St. Andrew Highlight Surveillance of The Orthodox Church and Deep Ties Between the Greek Orthodox Church and the Intelligence Community.

The Order of St. Andrew, or Archons of the Ecumenical Patriache, is a private group that bestows human rights awards upon war criminals, schismatics, and spy masters

WikiLeaks Cables

Wikileaks cables demonstrate the obsession of NATO allies and American intelligence gathering agencies to monitor religious organizations and intervene in religious matters. A basic search of Wikileaks for “Orthodox Church” returns over 1,000 cables and documents. Below are several WikiLeaks cables that demonstrate the depth of which NATO allies have been monitoring The Orthodox Church and how intimately the US State Department is with the Greek Orthodox Church and Pat. Bartholomew.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has associated with Pat. Bartholomew since at least the 1990s, with Pat. Bartholomew’s status as “first among equals” mentioned in an email shared by WikiLeaks:

“From: Melanne Verveer

To: Hillary Clinton

Date: 2009-09-29



U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439

Doc No. C05766343

Date: 07/31/2015


From: Verveer, Melanne S

Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2009 2:26 PM

To: H


Fw: THE IMPORTANT INFORMATION YOU REQUESTED — Very Serious Dangers Facing Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Attachments: Dangers Faced By Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.doc

From: Andy Manatos

To: VanBuskirk, Michael .3

Cc: ‘Fr Alex Karloutsos’ Marshall, Capricia P; Verveer, Melanne S B6

Sent: Wed Sep 30 11:00:36 2009

Subject: THE IMPORTANT INFORMATION YOU REQUESTED — Very Serious Dangers Facing Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

As you can see from the many clips in the attached document, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew faces very serious dangers on a daily basis both within Turkey and when abroad. Please let us know if you need any additional information.

Andy Manatos”


Clinton met with Pat. Bartholomew in 1997, with John Podesta commenting that “the meeting was ‘symbolic of both religious freedom and religious tolerance,.” In 1997, John D. Podesta was “Clinton’s deputy chief of staff and one of several Greek Americans in high-ranking positions in the White House.”


Clinton gave a speech in 2009 honoring Patriarch Bartholomew:


Hillary celebrated Pat. Bartholomew’s 25th anniversary as “the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church” in 2016:


Creation of a New National Ukrainian Church as a Political Tool

An August 2007 Wikileaks cable, which states that “Yushchenko argued that Ukraine had plenty of social and economic programs up for consideration, but what was lacking was a program of unity–to that end, he proposed the ideas of Ukrainian statehood, a single state language, and a single Orthodox church.”


Memo to CIA Promotes Interests of Pat. Bartholomew

A 2009 memo which was shared with CIA is very similar to modern narratives promoted by Ukraine and NATO allies about the Russian Orthodox Church, such as suggesting Pat. Bartholomew speaks for the entire Orthodox Church and claiming without evidence that the ROC is a “tool of the Russian government:”


Date:2009 July 2, 13:00 (Thursday).”

Classified By: Consul General Sharon A. Wiener for reasons 1.4 (b) and


A 2009 email to Hillary Clinton about dangers facing “Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.” Given the minimal Orthodox population in America, it is odd that Pat. Bartholomew and his issues with the Turkish government are a priority to Hillary Clinton and the US State Department (unless the intent of the US backing Pat. Bartholomew was to cause a schism to “weaken Russia”):

Cable Assesses Role of Christianity in Russia

A cable from 2010 expressed anger that the Russian Orthodox Church accused the United States of backing extremist and Satanists. The cable provides an example of the inability of the author to discern the history of Christianity or understand that the United States funding terrorist regimes that murder Christians, Jews, and Muslims may be considered Satanic:


Date:2010 February 1, 15:27 (Monday)


Ukraine Seeks Support for Ethno-Nationalist Church

NATO was among the groups to receive a 2008 summary of Patriarch Bartholomew’s diplomatic discussions with Ukrainian politicians, noting how Ukrainian politicians sought to create a new unified Ukrainian Church. The new church identity would be based on Ukrainian nationality, ethnicity, and culture, serving as a type of nationalist-state church that would promote a Ukrainian nationalist identity. Creating new ethno-nationalist institutions is a hallmark of National Socialism. Stalin creates a nationalist church during WWII to strengthen the Soviet military and promote nationalism. Hitler and the Nazis favored churches that supported national socialism while violently attacking religious that rejected the ethno-nationalist ideology of the Reich.


Date:2008 August 4, 14:40 (Monday)

From:Ukraine Kyiv To:Group Destinations Commonwealth of Independent States | NATO – European Union Cooperative | Secretary of State:”


Cable Warns of Ukrainian Neo-Nazis and Ultra-Nationalists

NATO allies were aware of the widespread existence of national socialist and neo-nazi groups with Ukraine long before the Maiden Revolution:

“SUBJECT: UKRAINE’S MAIN EXTREMIST GROUPS Date:2008 November 26, 11:52 (Wednesday)

From:Ukraine Kyiv

To:Group Destinations Commonwealth of Independent States | NATO – European Union Cooperative | Secretary of State


The Greek Orthodox Church and the Sea of Politics

In 2020, Pat. Bartholomew spoke at the World Economic Forum:


Pat. Bartholomew and leaders of Greek Orthodox Church has routinely met with war criminals and pro-war American politicians:

WikiLeaks Cables

Wikileaks cables demonstrate the obsession of NATO allies and American intelligence gathering agencies to monitor religious organizations and intervene in religious matters. A basic search of Wikileaks for “Orthodox Church” returns over 1,000 cables and documents. Below are several WikiLeaks cables that demonstrate the depth of which NATO allies have been monitoring The Orthodox Church and how intimately the US State Department is with the Greek Orthodox Church and Pat. Bartholomew.

Archon of the Ecumenical Patriarchate (Order of St. Andrew)

Archon, or The Order of St. Andrew, is an organization of supposed Orthodox Christians who are given a civic title from the Patriarchate of Constantinople. The concept is similar to the civic office titles in the Greek and Roman empires:


Some gnostic pagans and other occultist ideologies consider Archons supernatural parasitic beings:

Pat. Bartholomew’s birth name was Dimitrios (a name related to a pagan deity) Arhondonis (related to the Greek word ‘archon,’ which were aristocrats and magistrates):

The Order of St. Andrew also calls their organization Archons. The group limits the number of annual new members and it seems most members are of the aristocratic class.

The Order of St. Andrew is a founding member of the Bartholomew Foundation and gifted the Foundation $100,000 in 2021:


The group regularly features pro-war speakers like Mike Pompeo despite Bartholomew’s supposed anti-war positions. Pat. Bartholomew and GOARCH Archbishop Elpidophoros have frequented events associated with The Order of St. Andrew, shaking hands with and presenting awards to liars, murderers, thieves, and militant atheist communists.

Archons and WikiLeaks Cables

In 2004 diplomat communication published by WikiLeaks, the Archons conflict with the Turkish government was discussed:

“Turkish law requires that the Patriarch be a Turkish citizen, but there is no qualified successor in the wings to replace Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I. The Ambassador added that the USG, including members of Congress, is concerned that the center of Orthodoxy will move to Mt. Athos or Moscow, which would be a great loss for Turkey…

Turkish sensitivity to the ecumenical status of the Patriarchate is partly rooted in the 1923 Lausanne Treaty. The Turkish State maintains that the treaty obligates Turkey to accept the Patriarchate’s continued presence in Istanbul, but does not require Turkey to recognize its ecumenical status. Turkey officially regards the Patriarch as the leader of only the Greek Orthodox community residing in Turkey. Turkish politicians and pundits often allege that use of the title “ecumenical” is part of a plot to turn the Patriarchate into an “Orthodox Vatican” independent from Turkey. Some also argue that since the Turkish Republic abolished the Caliphate, it cannot allow a non-Muslim leader to have ecumenical status. Sensitivities are also exacerbated by historic conflict between the Greeks and Turks. When we discuss the Patriarchate with GOT officials, they often make reference to the fact that Greeks in Istanbul cheered invading Greek soldiers after the First World War, or that the Patriarch in 1919 sent telegrams to Paris urging the Allies to return “Constantinople” to Greece.”


The Archons are mentioned in a 2008 WikiLeaks cable discussing the controversy of their visit to Turkey. While the Turkish government would not recognize Pat. Bartholomew as the Ecumenical Patriarch the US believes Turkey must acknowledge Pat. Bartholomew as the Ecumenical Patriarch to bolster Turkey’s chances to join the EU and prevent the “center of Orthodoxy” from shifting from Istanbul to Moscow. The US position in the cable is that Turkey’ recognizing Pat. Bartholomew as “Ecumenical Patriarch” would prove Turkey values religious freedom and is worthy of EU membership.

“The Ambassador told MFA U/S Tuygan on November 26 that the Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, a New York-based Greek Orthodox group, are visiting Ankara to discuss religious freedom with the GOT as part of a pilgrimage involving the transfer of relics from the Vatican to the Patriarchate in Istanbul. Turkish MPs and GOT leaders have objected to the Ambassador’s decision to host the Archons at his residence, on the grounds that the GOT does not recognize the ecumenical status of the Patriarchate. However, the U.S. disagrees with the GOT on this point, and has long urged the GOT to seek improved relations with the Patriarchate in order to expand religious freedom and bolster Turkey’s EU candidacy…

The Ambassador said the U.S. will not rebuff a group of Americans traveling to Turkey on a religious pilgrimage who want to discuss religious freedom with the GOT. The U.S. has long urged the GOT to improve relations with the Patriarchate, in order to expand religious freedom and bolster Turkey’s EU candidacy. The Patriarchate is a centuries-old institution in Turkey. If it can flourish in Istanbul, it will symbolize Turkey’s commitment to religious freedom. But the Greek Orhodox community in Turkey is dwindling, and the survival of the Patriarchate is at risk. If the center of Orthodoxy shifts from Istanbul to Moscow or Mt. Athos, Turkey’s image will suffer, including among the many Orthodox Americans. Patriarch Bartholomew I is a strong supporter of Turkey’s EU candidacy, and his backing of a Cyprus settlement drew criticism from church authorities on Cyprus. If GOT leaders were to engage the Patriarch in a discussion of GOT-Patriarchate relations, they would find him reasonable and realistic:”


For example, GOARCH Archbishop Elpidophoros visited Washington D.C. on January 8, 2020 and attended an event with the State Department that featured pro-war and anti-human politicians like Mike Pence:


A few more images from the event:

Former CIA director Mike “kill Julian” Pompeo
Mike “there is no persecution of Christians in Ukraine” Pence

Pompeo was invited to speak at an Order of St. Andrew event in 2020. Among the many sins committed by former CIA Director Pompeo include plotting the assassination of Julian Assange and bragging that as Director of the CIA, the agency lied, cheated, and stole to accomplish its objectives:

It is not very Christian to plan to murder a journalist for publishing truthful information. In fact, Christ is the truth and hating the truth could be a symptom of anti-Christian values. Yet the Order of St. Andrew and Pat. Bartholomew seem to endorse the murder of Assange by their positive relationship with Pompeo:


Pompeo has frequently visited with Pat. Bartholomew and Bartholomew’s allies:

John McCain, a pro-war activist and lifelong supporter of the defense industry, intervened to support Pat. Bartholomew in response to the Turkey government not properly recognizing Pat. Bartholomew’s title and status, a move supported by Barack Obama:


Human Rights Awards Presented to Human Rights Abusers

The Order of St. Andrew gives the Athenagoras Award to individuals or groups that “consistently exemplified by action, purpose and dedication, concern for the basic rights and religious freedom of all people.”

Previous recipients of the Athenagoras Award have included His Beatitude Metropolitan Epiphaniy of Kyiv and All Ukraine, Archbishop Iakovos, President Joe Biden, President Jimmy Carter, President George H.W. Bush, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mother Teresa and Elie Wiesel.”

Met. Epiphaniy is a leader of the schismatic Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU) that has used violence, force, and anti-Christian tactics to attack the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The OCU has participated in violent forced seizure’s of UOC parishes, supported revocation of land rights for the UOC, and advocated for imprisonment and persecution of members of the UOC. George H.W. Bush is a former CIA director whose administration engaged in war crimes. George H.W. Bush was intimately involved in the post-Soviet realignment of Ukraine. Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has faced criticism and lawsuits for his administration’s response to COVID-19 in nursing home and allegations of sexual abuse.

Former CIA Director George H.W. Bush received the Order of St. Andrew Human Rights Award in 2002 from Pat. Bartholomew:


Pictures from the 2002 Athenagoras Human Rights Award ceremony, where George H.W. Bush received an award from Pat. Bartholomew:

In 2005, Order of St. Andrew presented their annual human rights award to militant atheist communist Mikhail Gorbachev. Gorbachev represented and led a militant atheist communist regime that attacked and suppressed religious rights, waged a genocidal war against The Church of Christ, and imprisoned millions in Gulags.

Former CIA Director George Tenet was the “toastmaster” for Gorbachev at the award ceremony:


Joe Biden won the Athenagoras Human Rights Award in 2015:

Joe Biden with his left arm around the young woman’s waist

In 2022, the Order of St. Andrew presented the Athenagoras Award to three scientists who developed and worked on the COVID-19, including Pfizer executive Albert Bourla. The Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines and Regeneron used fetal tissue/cell research during their development. Murdering children is a sin in Christianity.


All 3 scientists receiving the 2021 Athenagoras Human Rights Award are connected to the sin of murder and Pat. Bartholomew allowing them to receive a Human Rights award is therefore claiming the sin of murder is a virtue:


The 2023 Athenagoras Award was given to The Prince’s Trust. “The Prince’s Trust is a youth charity that was founded by His Majesty King Charles III, then The Prince of Wales, in 1976.” King Charles comes from a royal family known for inbreeding and widespread human rights abuses (ranging from genocide to opium trafficking to the transatlantic slave trade):


The following is a list of criteria to join the Archon: