July 19, 2024

Russian Hacking Group Beregini Leaks Ukrainian Military Information Operation Palyanitsa. Operatives Called Family Members of Russian Soldiers and Lied About Their Loved One Being Dead to “Break Their Hearts.”

The Russian hacking group Beregini announced on Telegram that it acquired a copy of a Ukrainian military Information Operation called “Palyanitsa:”


A PDF of the 32 images published by Beregini on their public Telegram channel on June 27/28, 2023:

English translation of each page of the leak (via Google Translate):

План информационной операции ПАЛЯНИЦЯ – Telegraph

Lev Lerman provided lists of Russian military personnel, including their family members, to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Beregini leaked Facebook messages in which Lerman brags about calling a family member of a Russian military officer and falsely claiming the soldier was dead. Lerman’s justification was this may break the mother of the soldier’s heart:


Beregini also released a StratCom document from the UK:

Russian hackers RaHDIt began releasing information about Ukrainian militants, most of whom are ultra-nationalists on June 28, 2023 via Telegram: