April 19, 2024

Russian Anarchists and the CIA: Anarchist and Antifascists Groups Deploy CIA Sabotage Tactics Inside Russia as the Civilized West Cheered a Wagner Mutiny, Dreaming of a Russian Civil War.

Over the weekend, a convoy of Wagner militants drove to Rostov as the mercenary unit’s owner threatened to march to Moscow to demand various changes to the SMO in Ukraine and the status of the Wagner PMC. The incident was over in less than 24 hours, Wagner did not reach Moscow and relocated to Belarus. Russia and Wagner confirmed casualties and deaths after an incident between the Russian air force and the Wagner convoy resulted in several deaths, destroyed planes, and damaged equipment.

Compilation of footage of the Wagner PMC mutiny (update: YouTube removed the video for being related to a “criminal organization” despite ABC, CNN, SkyNews, The Guardian, and Forbes have active videos on YouTube showing the same or similar footage of the Wagner mutiny. YouTube has not responded about why mainstream media outlets are able to violate platform rules for “criminal organizations.” YouTube denied the appeal within minutes and proceed no explanation by so many major media outlets are allowed to post footage of Wagner PMC on YouTube):

A video compilation of Wagner mutiny footage is available on Twitter (YouTube removed the video despite major

The New York Times reported US spy agencies and military intelligence were briefed the Wednesday before the Wagner mutiny about a potentially armed insurrection by “Putin’s Chef.” The outlet did not state why US officials believed Putin would implicate the US in the mutiny or place responsibility upon foreign actors for the short-lived insurrection.



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The Western media quickly sensationalized the incident. Anonymous officials and sources informed media outlets that more bloodshed was expected during the Wagner mutiny.


Rumors spread, including from Ukrainian politicians, that Putin “fled Moscow (Putin attends religious services on the weekends, often in non-urban and expat areas of Russia).” The US government even delayed sanctions against Wagner during the brief mutiny so America did not appear to be “taking Putin’s side.”

During the “Wagner mutiny,” Valery Sakhashchyk, Opposition defense spokesman, released a video calling for the army to rise up against Moscow:


The events indicate a “call to arms”, in lockstep, as soon as media outlets began reporting about a potential civil war in Russia.

Russian state media reported that National Guard Chief Viktor Zolotov has “not ruled out” the presence of western intelligence agents in the Wagner mutiny:

“They [Western agents] had found out about it, as they said, a couple of weeks ahead of time. And I must say that such ‘planted leaks‘ were also spread from the Prigozhin camp. Well, they were so narrowly focused to the effect that this mutiny was in the making and was supposed to take place from the 22nd to the 25th of the month. And that’s exactly what happened. This shows that it was inspired by the West and, it seems, they goaded Prigozhin himself into taking this step, or maybe he was going too far with his ambitions, so to speak, and he wanted to go higher still.

I am not excluding the presence of Western intelligence agents there.”


Hacking collective Beregini claims “the Armed Forces of Ukraine used all their capabilities to organize illegal rallies in Russian cities. These are the calls received by the residents of Moscow – they were called on behalf of Prigozhin to Manezhnaya Square in Moscow to make a revolution. All call centers of scammers worked and called people en masse.

Today, we, the Beregini and RaHDIt hacker groups, will tell you who did it. It was a pre-planned action, which clearly fit into the plan of the information operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The situation was instantly taken advantage of in order to shake up the socio-political situation in Russia.”


A purported audio clip from a Russian Marine alleges the Wagner coup was a KGB psy-op to expose corrupt elites and politicians:

Additional analysis about the Wagner PMC mutiny:

Col. MacGregor:

Ron Paul on The Liberty Report:

The western intellegensia devolved into dreams of a bloody Russian civil war and Wagner PMC obtaining nuclear weapons.


Ironically, the western intellegensia that for so long condemned Wagner PMC suddenly supported the mercaneries so long as their goal was overthrowing Putin and starting a bloody civil war (like the Maiden Revolution in Ukraine, where some participants were foriegners and extreme militants). However, when news spread that Wagner PMC was not overthrowing Putin, Prigozhin was not detained, a civil war did not occur, and Wagner PMC was relocating to Belarus, the western intellegensia then quickly warned how dangerous it was for Wagner PMC to be so close to NATO countries.

The Daily Beast added an “Anarchy” stamp to the headline of an article expressing disappointment that Wagner moving to Belarus does not present a clear threat to Putin. The author demonstrates how the western intelligentsia viewed Prigozhin as a tool against Putin despite claiming Prigozhin is an internet troll who cooks food for Putin and has no military training. Considering western intelligence agencies had foreknowledge of the Wagner PMC mutiny and the western intelligentsia who routinely support NATO narratives quickly amplified sensationalized claims that a small group of convicts led by a chef were starting a civil war in Russia, the article hints at the NATO interests of the Wagner PMC mutiny (dead Russians) and why the western intelligentsia would quickly support even the most villainous person to control nuclear weapons (an unhealthy and anti-social obsession with destroying Putin, as if Putin is a totem that represents everything they hate and destroying the totem would eliminate the source of the obsession).

  • “The Daily Beast has not been able to verify the reports of the construction in Belarus. But the report of new field camps comes days after the Kremlin hinted that Wagner could be dissolved moving forward, and could provide some clues as to the future of Prigozhin’s mercenary fighters.”
  • “And with possible field camps in Belarus, Prigozhin may be able to continue operating Wagner after all, just days after they staged the largest challenge to Putin’s decades-long hold on power in Russia.”
  • “Just how much of a threat Wagner and Prigozhin, a former close ally of Putin, will be able to pose to Putin’s grip on power remains to be seen. It’s not clear if potential Wagner camps in Belarus would be a threat to Russia.”
  • “Questions had already begun to bubble up over whether Prigozhin will be able to stage attacks from Belarus; Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Poland is boosting defensive preparations on its borders with Belarus and “anticipating attacks.” It’s also unclear if Prigozhin will be able to stage attacks against Ukraine as well.” It’s astonishing that The Daily Beast can’t figure out if attacks against Ukraine can be launched from Belarus considering the large border Ukraine and Belarus share.
  • And although the Kremlin said Prigozhin’s personal security is a “guarantee” of Putin’s, Prigozhin is not necessarily safe from Putin’s hitmen moving forward.“ There are just questions everywhere. Is Prigozhin a man who is going to be hunted down in Belarus?” Yalowitz said. “With 10,000 troops at his disposal, he’s not going to be a very easy target to take down.”

The Daily Beast does not provide evidence or sources to support the claim that Putin has a traveling squad of hitman.


With Putin facing criticism for failing to declare war and limiting the conflict to an SMO, the exposure of German intellegensia as supporters of a revolution which would give Wagner PMC nuclear weapons may eliminate any illusion of a diplomatic solutions with European nations. With NATO infastructure littered across Europe, the war theater expanding to Europe seems more like an inevitably than a remote possibility (considering the vast network of alliances across Europe and Ukraine receiving aid through NATO nations).

Meanwhile, Prigozhin implied the mutiny exposed traitors inside Russia and demonstrated European countries would quickly embrace a known evil so long as it accomplished a temporary goal (regime change).

Time will tell what the cause and purpose of the short-lived Wagner PMC mutiny was. Russian military fired upon Wagner PMC, Wagner returned fire, and order was restored quicker than in the aftermath of 9/11 or J6 in America. Had the Russian military and upon the Wagner PMC convoy not exchanged fire, there likely would not have been any bloodshed. The real question is the context of what caused the deadly conflict between Russian pilots and Wagner PMC (one would assume Russian pilots and Wagner PMC know each others insignia).

Russian Anarchists

Three Russian anarchist groups released public statements about the Wagner mutiny. Russia has been facing internal acts of sabotage since the beginning of the SMO. Anarchists have been credited with deploying American sabotage manual tactics inside Russia, targeting infrastructure like railroads. Sources have claimed the CIA activated agents and networks inside Russia before and after the SMO:


The Cia Is Using A European Nato Ally’s Spy Service To Conduct A Covert Sabotage Campaign Inside Russia Under The Agency’s Direction, According To Former U

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A CIA “Simple Sabotage” manual that was recently declassified includes tips on how to derail trains and commit acts of domestic terrorism:


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3 Russian-based anarchist groups published statements during the Wagner mutiny:



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The following is the wiki of the network of Libertarian Communists and Anarchist Black Cross groups in Russia and Belarus:

The Black Cross anarchist groups were active in anti-Tsarist revolutionary activities prior to the Russian Revolution. The group helped emigres from other countries to relocate to Russia in order to gather supporters for their revolutionary actions:

History Of The Anarchist Black Cross Wiki Abc And Ad

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The Movement of Irkutsk Anarchists

The Movement of Irkutsk Anarchists is also known as Anarchist Black Cross (ABC)-Irkutsk released the following statement:

ABC-Irkutsk telegram account, which includes a Nordic-looking logo:

Anarchist Black Cross Irkutsk’s website includes a history of their group’s involvement in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russian Civil War (which is identical to the wiki page “Story” section):

The website focuses on financial and other support for inmates:


Combat Organization of Anarcho-Communists

The Combat Organization of Anarcho-Communists is also known as BOAK. The following is the statement the group released during the Wagner mutiny (it is unclear how anarchist groups decide who issues a written statement on behalf of their organization):

BOAK has called for violent revolutions in Russia and Belarus and, during an interview in 2022, offered to finance and support acts of guerilla warfare and domestic and international terrorism targeting Belarus and Russia:


Ongoing Sabotage And Resistance To War In Russia And Ukraine Interview With Boak Anarchist Communist Combat Organization Libcom

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The CIA wrote the Manual for Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare for the Sandinista movement. The manual focuses on how to create partisan revolutionaries and utilize guerilla warfare tactics. The manual also describes how to disrupt mass events, torment opposition leaders, and insight uprisings with provocateurs:


Cia Manualforpsychologicaloperationsinguerillawarfare

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Avtonom/Autonomous Action (ABC)

Avtonom/Autonomous Action runs the anarchist wiki cited earlier in the article. Their statement about the Wagner mutiny:

This group claims to be working towards building an anarchist and libertarian movement in Russia:


Members of the Mises Caucus in the United States have denounced the Libertarian Party in Russia, citing the organization’s ties to the CIA and National Endowment for Democracy:


The full article outlining the deeply rooted ties between the CIA, NED, and political movements in Ukraine and Russia(via the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts):

Surveillance State What The #twitterfiles Mean For America, Ukraine And Libertarianism Lp Of Ma

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Some screenshots from Autonomous Action’s website and social media pages, show their solidarity with Ukrainian anarchists, Pride, black and red fascist propaganda themes (like Antifa), and news that an ally died while fighting Russia in Bakhmut (Autonomous Action claims to be antiwar):