Vaccine Mandate and Lockdown Protests in France, Serbia, Kuwait, and Australia. Australian Police Beat, Mace Elderly Woman. Australian Construction Worker Protest Vaccine Mandates by Staging Sit-In and Shutting Down Street. FDA and Pfizer Data Outline Serious Safety Concerns for mRNA COVID Vaccines


Vaccine mandate protests continued on September 18th, 2021 in France. France has enacted vaccine passports and issued mandates for healthcare and other workers to get vaccinated (Rumble and BitChute channels have additional videos).

Farmers and hunters in Mont-de-Marsan came out en masse to protest French vaccine mandate policies and other COVID-19 sanitary measures:

In Strasbourg, France, firefighters laid down their helmets and marched away in protest of vaccine mandates. Healthcare workers joined by tossing their white jackets near the helmets and likewise marching away:



Vaccine passport and mandate protests erupted in Belgrade, Serbia on September 18th, 2021:


Lockdown protests in Melbourne turned violent, as police assaulted and maced an elderly woman who was peacefully protesting:,

Lockdown protesters successfully broke the police line:

NSW public health officials may have used professional actors to record PSAs urging citizens to get vaccinated:

Construction workers staged an impromptu sit in to protest vaccine mandates that barred unvaccinated workers from eating indoors:

A man in Sydney, Australia was issued a “move along” ticket by Officer Bradley. Officer Bradley “believed” that the man was attending an unlawful protest. Bradley clarified that an unlawful protest is one that is not approved and scheduled with the government. Bradley and Officer Wilson then threaten to arrest the man if he does not immediately return home. Multiple officers follow the man:

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