May 27, 2024

French Protests Continue to Erupt as Clashes with Police Intensify. Massive Vaccine Passport Protests in Greece, Turkey, and Austria. Australian Police Arrested Muslim Man with Heart Problems for Not Wearing Mask. Parents Beg for an Ambulance. Meanwhile, Australian Movie Crew Exempt from Masking While Filming.

Protests have erupted worldwide against lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Massive protests have occurred in Australia, France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Turkey, Austria, the United Kingdom, and Holland opposing totalitarian public health measures that seek to segregate society based on vaccination status and control the movement and behavior of citizens.

Videos below are also available via Rumble (Publius1215). and Bitchute (livenotbyliesOceania).

French protests against sanitary measures and COVID policies since Bastille Day. Protests have become increasingly confrontational, as police in Paris have deployed chemical weapons and fought with protesters. French citizens have protested vaccine passports at shopping centers, successfully bypassing security and forcing police to retreat.

Scenes from vaccine passport and lockdown protests throughout France on September 11th, 2021:

Vaccine Passport Protesters and Police clash in Paris (Sept. 11, 2021)


Protests against vaccine passports erupted in Greece on September 11th, 2021, with police deploying chemical weapons against protesters:

Greek healthcare workers held a massive protest on September 2nd, 2021 in response to vaccine passport and other COVID-19 measures:


Protests against COVID-19 policies and restrictions occurred in Austria on September 11th, 2021:


Turkey passed additional COVID-19 restrictions, including the implementation of a vaccine passport system. In response, massive crowds gathered to protest:

The sign says “Freedom isn’t free. We are ready to pay for it” in Turkish.

Thousands protest new Turkish COVID-19 vaccine and test rules

A French vaccine passport protester shows solidarity with Turkey, sustaining injuries as protesters clashed with police, attempting to break the line:


Meanwhile, Australia continues to show all the symptoms of government totalitarianism. Police denied medical care to a Muslim man who had a heart condition as his parents begged police officers to call an ambulance. The man was arrested for failure to wear a mask. Police proceeded to assault a family member attempting to help:

Meanwhile, crew members and actors are exempt from mask mandates while filming a new movie:

The NSW Supreme Court is currently hearing a case challenging the legality of public health measures, including lockdowns and vaccine mandates:

An in NSW, an Australian official announced that contact tracing is an important part of the “New World Order:”


Holland police joined vaccine passport protesters:

Vaccine Corruption and Other Updates

Pfizer allegedly requested countries use state assets and military bases as collateral to obtain COVID-19 mRNA vaccines:

A doctor in Barbados called mRNA vaccines biological weapons:

Brazilian health officials rushed the pitch and accused multiple Argentine players of violating quarantine. The match was suspended: