May 27, 2024

Inside Australia’s Howard Springs and Dan Andrews Supervised Quarantine “Hub.” Videos Suggesting Australian Truckies are Blockading Parts of Australia.

Australian citizen on TikTok (JeremyLongdon) documented parts of his supervised quarantine at the Howard Springs Quarantine Facility in Australia.

The Australian Government has a “Getting Ready for Quarantine” guide on its website (make sure to read the footnotes, as 3 meals a day may be adjusted):

Scenes from inside the Dan Andrews Quarantine facility in Australia:

The pictures and videos above are of the same facility that ABC Australia described as an almost holiday like experience.

In the article, a mother and baby are pictured maskless on the porch. Yet residents at the facility are required to wear masks while outside, as documented by the videos and pictures above.

This tour of the quarantine facility likewise violated many of the rules enforced upon its residents. Such as wearing masks outside and when around others. In the video below, pay attention to how many people are not wearing masks (including the reporter).

Australia is planning to build additional quarantine facilities, including one near an airport:

Australian police assaulted and hospitalized this woman for not wearing a mask. She was medically exempt:

An Australian police department is investigating itself for violating health orders while throwing a party at the police station:

Aussie Truckie Blockade?

Australia recently passed a broad surveillance bill that “Australia passes surveillance bill that lets police take over accounts, alter, and delete data.”

Two videos emerged purporting to show massive truck blockades in Pottsville and Australia:

With the Australian government and law enforcement having access to control content on social media and other platforms, it may be difficult for Australian protesters to share information.

The Times in England called Australia a “COVID prison:”

Other publications in the United States have likewise called out the widespread abuses in Australia:

“One of the world’s oldest and most influential newspapers, The Times, has described Australia as “lecturing the world” on how to control Covid only to have the illusion shattered by the Delta variant.

The front-page pointer for the story states: Covid Prison: How Australia lost its freedom and features an image of a beach with a “closed” sign.

While Australia’s ‘zero Covid’ approach was the envy of the world last year, the rising cases after the Delta variant entered the country and the lockdowns that followed have increasingly left overseas audiences shocked after international cities reopened after a majority of citizens were vaccinated.

‘After a year celebrating pandemic death rates that were infinitesimal compared with those in the UK and the US, and lecturing the world on the superiority of its Covid-19 elimination strategy, Australia’s success was shattered by the mid-June arrival of the Delta variant. It snuck in with an American flight crew,’ The Times article states.

‘As they watched those in the UK flock to weddings and festivals last weekend, the 5.3 million residents of greater Sydney entered their tenth consecutive week of lockdown, unable to stray further than 5km from their house for outdoor recreation, as new daily Delta cases on Monday hit a fresh record of almost 1300 in New South Wales.’

The Times notes that despite stopping thousands of Australian citizens from returning home, “a growing number of A-list celebrities have come and gone under special arrangements, including Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Zac Efron, Mark Wahlberg and Ed Sheeran”.

“Their treatment has riled those stuck offshore, as well as many who are technically locked onshore; one of the more draconian measures imposed by Fortress Australia is that government permission is required to leave the country too,” the article states.

‘Even those Australians who have managed to return home after years away are stung by the hostility they encounter, especially when they question the hermit kingdom that Australia has become.’

It‘s not the first time newspapers overseas have expressed shock at the situation Australia finds itself in. In July, The Washington Post ran a news story titled: ‘We’re prisoners’: Australia locks out thousands more citizens as virus slip-ups mount.

‘Facing outbreaks of the highly contagious Delta variant and a floundering vaccination campaign, Australia moved Friday to further seal itself off from the world as its earlier success in tackling the coronavirus continued to unravel,’ it stated.

The Times article follows a recent opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal headlined: Covid Mania Returns Australia to Its Roots as a Nation of Prisoners: Citizens in Sydney may leave their homes only for ‘essential’ purposes and not go more than six miles.