July 19, 2024

Vaccine Mandates, Disparate Impact, and Religion. Navy SEALs Granted Injunction Against Vaccine Mandate.


US Navy SEALs who filed a preliminary injunction to halt the enforcement of vaccine mandates had their motion granted January 3, 2022.

According to page 10, the United States Navy has not granted a religious exemption to a vaccine mandate in seven years, meaning no religious exemption requests for the COVID-19 vaccine mandate have been granted (page 10). Naval members also must complete a 52 step process to apply for a religious exemption to the vaccine mandate.

SEALs have lost their SEAL trident simply for apply for a religious exemption to the mandate. Even if an exemption is granted, unvaccinated SEALs will remain undeployable unless. SEALs who received medical exemptions to the vaccine mandate are considered deployable and have continued to receive equal pay and treatment:

The court found the Plaintiffs were likely to succeed in their claim and that the Navy’s “religious accomodation process is an exercise in futility. Plaintiffs need not wait for the Navy to rubber stamp a constitutional violation before seeking relief in court (a common defense by state and government actors during lawsuits involving constitutional violations is to claim the victim has not exhausted administrative and/or state remedies. This order explains that Naval members do not need to wait to be denied a religious exemption to have a cause of action to file a lawsuit or request relief from the court).

Members of the Navy who refuse the vaccine have face movement restrictions, denial of medical treatment, loss of leadership positions, and nondeployable status:

Full 26 page order:

Even if a law is facially neutral, it can violate equal protection and discrimination laws. For example, the United States military has received 12,000 religious exemptions to the Department of Defense vaccine mandate and none were given. Although the mandate, on its face, allows for religious exemptions, in the application (ie, in the real world), none are granted.

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