July 23, 2024

The Year of Velvet Revolutions? Anti-Government Protests Erupt in Amsterdam, the Czech Republic, France, Moldova, Germany, Haiti, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ghana, France, and Austria in the Last Week, as Energy Prices and Declining Economic Conditions Increase Unrest Globally.

Anti-Government Protests Sweep Through Europe

Protests in the Czech Republic

On September 3, 2022, massive demonstrations took place in Prague. Multiple media outlets, including The Guardian and The New Voice of Ukraine, around 70,000 attended the anti-government protests in Prague. Concerns of protesters included energy policies and were attended by both far-left and far-left (Communists) groups. The diverse groups were united behind a “Czech first” platform:

New Voices of Ukraine writes that:

“According to police estimates, the number of protesters counted about 70,000 people, and the rally was peaceful.

The slogan of the event was “The Czech Republic in the first place.

Demonstrators held Czech flags, as well as placards against the EU and NATO, Prime Minister Petr Fiala, rising energy prices, and calls for neutrality and dialogue with Russia. Anti-vaccination slogans were also heard during the protest.

The event was organized by several political parties and organizations, including the Communist Party of the Czech Republic and the Eurosceptic Tricolor Citizens’ Movement.

Protesters were demanding the resignation of the current coalition government of conservative Prime Minister Petr Fiala, whom they criticize for following pro-Western policies and allegedly paying more attention to war-torn Ukraine than to his citizens.

At the same time, the organizers of the rally wanted the government to allow their experts to negotiate with Russia regarding the purchase of gas and oil.

“The purpose of our demonstration is to demand change, mainly in solving the issue of energy prices, especially electricity and gas, which will destroy our economy this fall,” event co-organizer Jiří Havel told news website iDNES.cz.

“The Czech Republic needs a Czech government. Fiala’s government may be Ukrainian, maybe Brussels, but not Czech,” said the head of Tricolor party, Zuzana Majerová Zahradníková.”

Videos of the protests:

September 3, 2022, anti-government protest in Prague

Pictures from the protest:

Aerial photo of the protest


Anti-government protests also occurred in France on September 3rd, where energy prices and inflation are causing economic destruction:

Anti-government protests in France on Sept. 3rd

Protesters had French flags with Orthodox crosses:


Anti-government protests occurred in Moldova, which focused on the rising cost of energy (which is a side-effect of the West’s sanctions on Russia):

Protesters held a candle vigil, much like Czech protesters did during the Velvet Revolution:

Amsterdam, Netherlands

In Amsterdam, citizens entered the Dam Square and marched against permanent COVID restriction laws and in support of Dutch farmers:


The Dutch Romeo police unit allegedly detained a protester:


On September 3rd, a convoy of farmers, truckers, and bikers assembled in Brettorf, Germany to protest energy policies. Some participants had Dutch flags to show solidarity with the Dutch farmer’s protests:

And on September 4th, Germans in Cologne protested the government’s energy policies, which include sanctions on Russian gas:

Protests against Agenda 2030, government energy policies, and the arming of Ukraine occurred throughout Germany on Sept. 6th:



A massive crowd protested the rising cost of living in Ghana on September 4th:



Student protests broke out in Chile, which resulted in police assaulting and arresting demonstrators:



Massive protests broke out in Indonesia in response to the government’s plan to raise fuel prices by 30%:

Anti-government protests continued on September 10th, with massive demonstrations in Vienna, a biker convoy in Berlin, protests throughout Germany, and an anti-Macron rally in Paris.


A massive anti-government demonstration occurred in Vienna, Austria, as skyrocketing energy prices continue to increase the cost of living and diminish European economies. Coupled with the western world funding Ukraine’s efforts to fight off Russia, anti-war and anti-NATO/EU sentiments were also expressed by crowds in Austria and Germany.

A live stream shows the size of the crowd, which remained peaceful.

More footage of the Vienna protest:




Protests against energy policies and the German government continued on September 10th:



The Yellow Vests have called for a Black September to protest inflation and economic conditions.

Anti-Macron protests were planned in Paris, resulting in police taking video recordings of the faces of protesters and scanning ID cards:

Paris police remove a mask from protester to take a video recording of his face


Unrest continued in Italy, with an angry crowd confronting the Italian Foreign Minister.

Video of the confrontation:


In, Rimini, Italy, “posters with the faces of the Minister of Health, politicians, journalists, and virologists in favor of mass vaccination with a swastika” on their foreheads. “I am a Nazi and I want to impose the Nazi health dictatorship,” was written underneath the headshots with swastikas: