July 20, 2024

Twitter NAFO Troll Army (NOT the CIA) Losing Meme War. NAFO Discord Channel Flush with Bronies and Furries. NAFO’s 4chan Ukraine War Thread Described as “more 4-chany” than /chug/ With Low-Quality Memes and Images. 90% of Ukraine War Twitter Bots Pro-Ukrainian.

NAFO: Latest Agit-Prop is Quite Bad

NAFO are a group of internet trolls that seek to amplify pro-Ukraine messages. A previous article covers the NAFO Twitter trolls, it’s memes, and general endorsement of racism and violence.

Washington Post Article in PDF format

Let’s Play War: /chug/ vs. /ugh/ 4chan Rivalry Explored

Let’s Play War: Inside 4chan’s intergroup rivalry, contingent community formation, and fandomized war reporting (full PDF below), the pro-Ukraine /ugh/ and pro-Russian /chug/ threads emerged shortly after the February 24, 2022 Russian “Special Military Operation.”

The paper found the pro-Russian /chug/ thread focused more on unity while Pro-Ukraine /ugh/ focuses on their rivalry of /chug/:

/ugh/ included Azov Battalion and other nationalist logos:

The images in the original post image on the /ugh/ and /chug/ threads demonstrate key differences, such as /chug/ liking cats while /ugh/ likes anime with a NATO Nazi Black Sun Flag:

The most popular post terms for /ugh/ were gay rape and cum chug gers:

/ugh/ was likewise more antisemtic and “more traditionally 4chan-y” than the pro-Russian /chug/ community:

The paper found chug had higher quality and more creative images, making it more difficult for outsiders to infiltrate the group or appropriate images:

The findings concluded the /chug/ board was more focused on creating an inclusive environment where members focused on that which unified them, while /ugh/ was more anti-semetic, sexually violent, and had less creative images and memes:

PDF of the paper:

90.16% of Twitter Bots Sharing War Hashtags Pro-Ukrainian

Another recently released paper entitled #IStandWithPutin versus #IStandWithUkraine: The interaction of bots and humans in discussion of theRussia/Ukraine war shows that over 90.16% of identified bots on Twitter posting pro-Ukraine or pro-Russian hashtags between February 23, 2022 and March 7th.2022 shared pro-Ukrainian positions. Conversely, only 6.8% of the bots shared pro-Russia hashtags.

-90.16% of accounts fell into the ‘ProUkraine’ category, while only 6.80% fell into the ‘ProRussia’ category (pg. 4):

Full PDF of the study.

NAFO, Saint Javelin, and Furry Fellas

The Twitter account with the hashtag NAFO Official, which endorses NAFO account hosting Saint Javelin merchandise to raise funds for drones, shared a discord channel. The public discord channel showed a definitive bronie and furry culture.

In the newest attempt to change the tides of the Eastern Front, the collective west has backed the “NAFO” hashtag to re-moralize support for Ukraine. The memes mimick DOGE graphics, lasting Shib Inu dogs on non-sensical situations and calling fellow NAFO supporters “fellas.” The accounts circulating the low-quality and racist memes look like typical bot/troll accounts (unverified, few followers, abnormal engagement compared to number of followers, racist insults like “vatnick”).

This account’s name is “Paddy McFella,” which is clearly based on television stereotypes of Irish people (like Paddy’s Pub in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

Notice the account was not created until March 2022 and already accumulated nearly 900 followers:

The account is also raising donations and asking for topless pictures:

And provides “cheat sheets” to help other Twitter users “combat Russian Misinformation (like the digital version of McCarthyism):”

A Twitter account named Dobieblue claiming to be a 100% disabled veteran and stating their tweets are not official Department of Defense opinions re-tweeted a NAFO meme with hate speech (vatnik is a derogatory term for a Russian national).

There are multiple Twitter accounts that have already incorporated “NAFO” in their account name, including one Twitter with a Georgian Legion tag in their profile:

Another sample of Twitter user @WeakNerve’s NAFO memes:

From a “Fella” Twitter user (@SniperFella) with a Finnish flag in their profile:

SniperFella’s account was opened in February 2022. Thus, SniperFella’s account was set up months before the NAFO hashtag trend on Twitter:

And the account brags about engaging in information suppression tactics via Twitter reports:

These Finish themed and circulated memes are similar to the propaganda used by the Third Reich that used Nordic and Viking themes to spread Nazi propaganda in the Scandinavian region:

NAFO Troll Farm That is NOT The CIA
The NAFO troll farm has been covered by Vice:

Wikipedia confirms that Dogecoin is based on the original Shib Inu Doge meme from 2013:

The NAFO digital soldiers using the Dogecoin meme while the SEC continues to attack notorious Doge shit-poster Elon Musk is confusing. But as Col. Korn once said, “it was neither possible nor necessary to educate people who never questioned anything.” And undoubtedly the intelligence does not hire nor promote people who question orders. Because then we’d be in chaos, comrades.

The NAFO digital soliders of Twitter are not, in any way, related to the CIA:

Adam Kinzinger, a proud NAFO fella, tweeted “there is no CIA” on September 9th while commenting on claims that NAFO uses hate speech like “vatnik:”

A NAFO discord channel used by “fellas” includes a rule that states “No talking about the CIA. There is no CIA:”

A few more samples on the NAFO memes with no connection to western intelligence agencies or NATO:

Much wow! A t-shirt and joining a militant-themed group seems to have cured depression and anxiety! Someone tell Phizer!

Up next is a gothic and Nordic-themed propaganda piece that goes together fantasy, Viking pagan themes, and Ukrainian nationalism:

The fellas are really trying to make NAFO trend:

This NAFO sticker is perfect for a warzone, ensuring you will remain discrete:

A blue-check mark endorsed the fellas, who again are definitely not working or subcontracting for the military or intelligence agencies:

Here’s another NAFO meme showing the CIA and NATO have no connections to the fellas (Vatnik is a slur and hate speech, good to know CRT works and CIA employees would not spread hate speech on Twitter):

The fella with a potential Viking pagan reference in their username (Ruin = Rune) jokes about midgets dressed up like animals (like “Furries”) to break in to a Russian facility (certainly not the nuclear plant being shelled in Ukraine that fella Adam Kinzinger said would violate Article 5 of NATO)

On September 1, 2022, a group of Ukraine soldiers attempted to re-take control of the nuclear power plant in . IAEA and UN staff were en route to inspect the facility on September 1, 2022. Russian state media reported a group of Ukrainian troops attempted to re-take the plant prior to the IAEA’s arrival:


Footage of the failed offensive and its aftermath:


A NAFO fellas account followed by Adam Kinzinger advertises a website called Saint Javelin. The website sells merchandise for drones and other Ukraine supplies. A Saint Javelin flags was found with a Foreign Observation Group hat in Ukraine during this year’s military conflict:

The Official NAFO Twitter account claims it’s location is in Langley, Virginia (where the CIA’s office, called the George Bush Intelligence Center, is located), solicits donations for Saint Javelin, and endorsed the Georgian Legion:

North Atlantic Fellas Organization @Official_NAFOList of links-September 5th 202246 Retweets146 Likes

And the fellas seem to dream of wearing thongs on a beach:

Adam Kinzinger follows several NAFO and related Twitter accounts, including one entitled Saint Javelin with blasphemous and heretic images of The Theotokos and Saint Olga holding Javelin’s” (offensive to any Christian):

Kinzinger also follows the Georgian Legion, a foreign volunteer group fighting for Ukraine:

Kinzinger also follows a NAFO account called Kama_Kamilia:

The account’s profile pictures include a reference to Polish psychological operations and claims to be in Langley (where the CIA office is located):

The account re-tweeted a tweet supporting the neo-Nazi fascist Azov Battalion. The CIA assisted Ukraine nationalist and fascist groups, including the Azov Battalion, for years prior to the the Russian military invading Ukraine in February 2022:

LA Times likewise covered the CIA’s history of backing Ukrainian insurgent groups:

The Twitter NAFO account followed by Adam Kinzinger shares a link to a website (saint javelin.com) selling artwork to raise funds to buy drones in Ukraine:

And uses the slur “vatnik” while promoting the bombing of Crimea. Many “NAFO” Twitter accounts likewise use vatnik in their memes, tweets, and Twitter bios:

The NAFO troll farm quickly voiced support for the assassination via a car bomb of the daughter of Russian political commentator Alexander Dugin.

First up is an account named Navy_Hippie, which does NOT express the opinions of the US military of other government agencies:

Another NAFO fella shared a tweet with the vatnik racial slur that stated “there is no CIA” demonstrating the fellas love for unhealthy fast food:

A few more example of racist NAFO tweets:

Below is a PDF list of over 220 Twitter “NAFO” accounts, many of which have references to how they are not members of the CIA or other intelligence agencies in their Twitter bios:

NAFO Twitter Trolls PDF

NAFO Discord: Furries. Bronies, and Plans to Astroturf


Bronies are adult men who are super fans of My Little Pony. Bronie culture was prominent on 4chan in 2011, which an entire board devoted to My Little Pony culture.

From Wired:

Rolling Stone wrote a story about a bronie mass shooter and the potential rise of Nazism among bronies: in 2021:

PDF of the article: Read now

Bronies created a 4chan-like website called poneychan:

Their profile picture is of a My Little Pony character. The indi


Tragically, the furry community was ravaged with an internal dispute between neo-nazi and anti-fascist furries in 2017.

The Daily Beast provided a vivid account of the battle for the soul of the furry community:

NAFO, unironically, has posted pro-Ukrainian propaganda with Aryan dogs:

PDF of the article:Read now

In February, a far-right furry shot and killed a disabled woman at a BLM protest in Portland, Oregon.

Rolling Stone also covered shooting, describing the problems of neo-nazism and far-right extremism in the furry community:

NAFO Discord Channel Bronies and Furries

A Twitter account called Official_NAFO shares a public discord NAFO channel. The account had 2,952 followers on September 5th, which ballooned to over 11,000 by September 9th, 2022. Langley, Virginia is where the CIA main American office is located:

Official_NAFO shared a NAFO Polish-themed account that shares the link to a website called Saint Javelin (which raises money for drones and the Ukraine war efforts):


Adam Kinzinger endorsing Saint Javelin:

Adam Kinzinger tweeted “there is no CIA” on September 9th, with a common phrase/theme within the NAFO online community:

Other NAFO furry fellas have likewise posted “there is no CIA” phrases in their Twitter bios:

Another NAFO Twitter fella with “the CIA does not exist” in their profile bio:

And yet another NAFO fella with a “not the CIA” Twitter reference (and a link to the Georgian Foriegn Legion):

Becky the NAFO fella who is “definitely not CIA or CIC:”

Likewise, the NAFO discord channel’s twelfth rule is “No talking about the CIA. There is no CIA:”

Some additional examples of NAFO’s online activity:

NAFO Discord Channel

The NAFO discord channel discussed coordinated trolling of the pro-Russian /chug/ thread and /ugh/ thread posts:

The channel included accounts with bronie, furrie, and other sexual references:

NAFO discovered they were raided by “Z-tards” (the paper below finds /ugh/ users frequently use retard):

The infiltration resulted in a moderator “locking down” the channel:

Images from the NAFO Discord were shared on multiple 4chan threads.

A PDF of the thread is below:

Read now

second thread sharing NAFO discord images:

Read now