July 22, 2024

Delta Variant has 0% Fatality Rate for Those Under 50 Despite 82,458 Cases (Public Health England)

With countries such as France, England, and Australia announcing a litany of new COVID-19 restrictions, ranging from mandatory vaccines for certain workers to vaccine passports (and massive protests), data from Public Health England show a 0% fatality rate for the Delta COVID-19 variant among individuals younger than 50:

On page 10, the data table clearly shows a 0% fatality rate among those under 50 infected with the Delta strain of COVID-19:

Rober Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccines, tweeted the following on July 17th, 2021:

The tweet included an argument that, based on data from the CDC, the risk/benefit calculation demonstrates the mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 present a greater risk than COVID-19 upon those ages 12-17.

WHO, the CDC, and the Department of Defense have conflicting recommendations for the COVID-19 vaccines in the United States:


If the fatality rate is 0% for the Delta variant, and the Delta variant is the dominant strain and in the United States, why are mRNA COVID-19 vaccines still being recommended for anyone under the age of 50?


According to the CDC, as of July 14th, 2021, 335 children (17 years old and younger), have died from a cause involving COVID-19 (ie, 335 deaths “involving” COVID-19 among those <17 since the pandemic began in 2020).

As of June 23, 2021, there were “more than 2,000” cases of myocarditis in pericarditis among COVID-19 vaccine recipients, with most cases involving individuals under 30:

The same day, the CDC released a short slide show about the risks of myocarditis and pericarditis among COVID-19 recipients:


COVID-19 can cause myocarditis:

From SARS-CoV-2: a potential novel etiology of fulminant myocarditis (footnote 36 above):


A previous vaccine trial involving a dengue vaccine for Philippine children resulted in criminal charges after manufacturers were accused of failing to disclose the risks of the vaccine compared to infection with dengue:



And remember, science isn’t always concerned about preserving life (especially when billionaires are involved). Perhaps data proving the Delta strain poses no risk of death upon those under 50, combined with vaccine passports and mandatory vaccines for workers in various European countries is the motivation for protests worldwide:

France, 7/17/21 Protests Against Vaccine Passports
Greece Anti Vaccine Passport Protests, 7/17/21
France 7-17-21 Vaccine Passport Protests
France Anti Vaccine Passport Protest 7/17/21
England, 7-17-21
France, Bastille Day 2021 Protests Against Vaccine Passports
Dublin, Ireland Vaccine Passport Protests 7-17-21

And Cuban protests have erupted against the one-party totalitarian Communist regime: