July 20, 2024

Global Vaccine Passport/COVID Restriction Protests Continue: Civil Unrest in Belgium and The Netherlands, Protests in Chile, Peru, Japan, South Korea, India, Uruguay, Hungary, and More as the World Unites Against Medical and Government Oppression.

Massive protests have erupted this weekend (Nov. 20-21, 2021) against vaccine mandates and other COVID-19 restrictions.

Rotterdam, Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium are mired in civil unrest. Rotterdam has experienced riots and unrest the past three days. In Belgium, massive protests turned to unrest after police officers deployed chemical weapons and water cannons on peaceful protesters. Protesters have responded by igniting fires and attacking Belgium police vehicles.

Peaceful COVID-19 restriction protests have occurred today in India, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Denmark, and Portugal.

The Netheralands

Civil unrest has continued in Rotterdam since November 19th, 2021, after protests broke out against COVID-19 restrictions.


Massive vaccine passport/COVID-19 restriction protests erupted in Brussels, Belgium:

Protests turned to civil unrest, as Belgium police used chemical weapons and water cannons against peaceful and unarmed protesters:

Protesters resorted to attacking Belgium police vehicles:


Vaccine passport/COVID-19 restriction protest in Budpest, Hungary (Nov. 21, 2021):


Vaccine passport/COVID-19 restriction passport protests occurred throughout India on Nov. 21, 2021.






A large protest against vaccine passports/COVID-19 restrictions in Copenhagen on November 21, 2021:


Large protests in Lima, Peru against vaccine passports and COVID-19 restrictions (Nov. 21, 2021):



Tokyo, Japan: Vaccine passport/COVID restriction protests occurred in Toko Nov. 21, 2021:

South Korea

Protests occurred in Seol against vaccine passports and other COVID-19 restrictions: